Thursday, March 20, 2008

Minutes from Committee Meeting on 3 - 20

Warsaw 10's Report: Domo

16 Team Format
London Irish will have 2 teams
Polish Olde Boys team will attend
Still waiting on Belgian club for confirmation
Heineken has given verbal confirmation as beer sponsor

Fixtures Report: Sean

May 24 Fixture Wicklow Town pulled out, however tentative negotiatons with a team to be named later.

Next Week: Lublin

April 26th: HUGE weekend with 3 teams in town.

June 7th: Filo talking about Sopot 7's

2-3 Hour train ride to Lublin next weekend. Be back in Warsaw about 7 or 8 PM Saturday. Some may

April 12 Krakow: "I'm for it being mixed." Sean Doyle response to questions about whether we should mix the group or make it Frogs only.

All fixtures until mid-May have booked their flights.

Junior Frogs: Karen

Lublin match concerns

Training, key to get into Skra Stadium pitch. David asked to call Domo next time there is a problem with the pitch. Need list of Sundays that Jr. Frogs will be training.

Volunteers appreciated from Sr. Frogs, especially on March 29th, since Dave won't be there. This is the last training before their match with Lublin.

Warsaw 10's: concern about cost for Junior Frogs and subsidizing Lodz team.

End of June: Junior Frogs BBQ, Sr. Frogs are invited to show up.

Recruiting: Steve

Everything is rolling. Just work on retention, please keep working on social functions and keeping new recruits in the loop.

Socializing After Matches:

Please hoist a pint or two after the match at Bradley's. Not a requirement to attend for the whole night.

The weekend that we are hosting 3 teams, look into WTF or BB as a venue, with a 10% cut.

Kit Laundering:

Jersey designation will get a ride to and from the match.

Water and Beer for the Pitch:

Domo will provide a list of weekend that Pissups and Stagnights will not be providing, so we will designate those with cars to bring the supplies.

Venues need to be sorted for matches.

Membership Card Report (Christophe):

35 players paid, including 8 students. 76 members on Frogsmail.

Social Functions (Christophe):

First Friday Beers 7 PM, Amnesia

FrogsAID night, April 18, Friday Night, WTF,
need to hit connections for raffle items

Charities, 3 we will be working with:

Butterfly Effect (English teachers in rural Poland)
Polish Make-A-Wish Foundation
Adult Disability Foundation

International beer-drinking competition

New Warsaw Express: Game Capsules will be going in.


Scotland, end of August (floated by Antony)
Playing a college side in England
motion by Domo to just play a team that has come to Warsaw and request a date from them.
Sean says Dublin, cheap flights, university accomodation.
Submit an idea for a tour, vote as a club.

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