Monday, April 14, 2008


by Karim "Lex Luthor" Boultor

That was the week that was, and the Frogs couldn’t have asked for a better way to officially kick off their 2008 season than with a comprehensive victory against Juvenia’s Second team.

Prior to the main body of players and wags (“Wives And Girlfriends” to those who don’t know) arriving on Saturday, an advance party of hardcore troops had already deployed to Kraków by Friday night in order to conduct a reconnoitre of pubs, bars, kebab shops and any other seedy establishments – these vital details can be as important as players remembering to bring their boots.

So, on an overcast chilly day in Kraków, Frogs from all directions began arriving at the Juvenia ground. Marcin flew in from the UK, Stary Wojciech came by car and others arriving direct from the train station, hotels or local nightclubs.

At one point, fear of being late for the game spread among some arriving players as they entered the changing room. It turned out to be a false alarm and apparently was triggered by the sight of Sean Doyle lacing his boots before other players – apparently a rarity in Frog circles. After all were kitted and booted a brief warm up got the men’s spirit pumping, Kevin and Fergal conferred on last minute squad selection and our injured players Christophe and Andy Grimes were left on the sideline to give moral support to their team-mates’ women while their men were absent. Thanks lads for your unerring support.

So at 4pm, Saturday 12th April, the whistle blew and the game kicked off. From the start, the Frogs showed the more dominating play and within five minutes they had scored the first try. The Frogs continued to dictate play by winning balls from turnovers, and slick movement through the backs. The Frogs began scoring try after try without reply from Juvenia. Weaving runs from Steve, penetrating play from Fergal and Sean, and darting runs from Filo, and Dan; who all managed to cross the try line with success. Baptiste “the bulldozer” Rougerie continued his trade-mark moves by knocking down any opposition players like skittles, whilst adding some slick basketball skills to his passing. Juvenia began to find some form in the dying minutes of the first half, when Frogs sponsored players Karim “Mr Clean” Boulter almost reached the try line with a pick and drive move, and Laurent sliced through the Frogs defence to claim his first competitive try of his career – although against his own team.

Second half started off well with Fergal, Sean, and Boris now playing for the Juvenia, so it was no coincidence that Juvenia start to pick their game up and score tries. However, the frogs continued to persevere with solid play from Sebastien, Ben and of course some crunching tackles from Mr G. In the latter part of the second half, play was interrupted when the scrum collapsed dangerously. Fergal immediately gave some enlightening opinions to the referee, Christian, about the situation of an uncontested scrum. Fergal, renowned for his composure in these situations had a somewhat calm and philosophical air about him when explaining this to the referee. Upon thanking Fergal for his kind words of advice, Christian made Rugby history by being the only referee to send himself off the pitch. Marcin piped up, questioning Fergal’s calmness in this situation and was in turn given a lot of gentle advice. With the sight of the ref walking off the pitch disrobing and a danger that the game would stall, a new referee was appointed. Play resumed and by the final whistle the score indicated a solid victory to the Frogs.

Post match awards in the bar saw, Dan “the whippet” Ralph deservedly awarded Man-of-the-Match, even though he proceeded to down his celebratory beer in womanly fashion. A penalty boot-shooting was awarded however and he bravely choked it down.

To round off a great day of rugby, the Frogs celebrated with a great Saturday night in Kraków.

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